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Death Science


Death Science Mission:

We're are an independent education platform that works with educators to teach beyond the classroom. 

When it comes to crime scene content on TikTok and other platforms, I feel everyone has their own learning and teaching styles unique to their personal strengths. I see this as a positive thing, since there’s a lot to learn from studying real life crime scenes. While I understand it can be a bit disturbing and triggering for some, I focus on fabricating death scene simulations and content of the like for educational purposes. 

On my @deathscience TikTok and www.DeathScience.TV YouTube channel, I typically create scripted and designed hyper-realistic content, not very different from the many fictional crime shows you know and love. Along with my followers, we’ve found this is a gripping approach to educate and have fun, whilst not being overly gruesome nor disrespectful to the topic of death itself. I’m working with plastic human bones and skulls that I fabricate and paint by hand through my own unique processes at

I started my death science TikTok/YouTube and death science podcast with the intent to help people understand that death does not have to be scary, it should be perceived as a science. My hope, along with the countless testimonials of my followers, is that these insights have allowed those who engage in my content (as well as myself) to begin coping and overcome death anxieties to live a more fulfilling and confident life. In my humble opinion, through my own study and research, I’ve found that death anxieties and terror management theory are the core of the human experience, setting the basis for our motivations through our life. This explains why so many have an aversion to the topic of after-life scenarios, and as such it is hardly considered a casual conversation topic. 

People frequently ask me about what my brand name personally “Death Science” means. To me, it is an umbrella term that broadly covers the scientific fields and topics that relate to the deceased. For example: forensics, mortuary, mental health, green funeral, body donations, memento mori art, grim history+tourism, universal basic deathcare, environmentally friendly death-care, and so much more. 

Moving forward, “Death Science” as a brand will continue to collaborate with other industry insiders to produce content, e-courses, events,  facilities and more to help educate all ages that ‘death isn’t scary, it’s science’.


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