Forensic Anthropology eCourse


This is a discounted "Pre-Sale" of the course. The launch is estimated to be in the spring. Enjoy the opportunity of the Pre-Sale price before the price increase at launch. Once course is launched pre-sale purchasers will be notified via email.


Once the course is completed and the quizes have been passed those enrolled will recieve a downloadable:

Verified Certificate of Completion from Death Science

-verifies your achievment and knowledge

-easy to share to cover letters, resumes, linked in, etc.

-easily printable for framing displays and portfolios


In the couse we will be covering topic including: 

-What is Forensic Anthropology, its history & ethics

-Human Skeletal System

-Human Bone Identification 

-Crime Scene Duties

-Estimating Time Since Death / Postmortem Interval

-Forensic Lab Examilations

-Methods for estimating Ancestry, age & sex

-Force Traumas on the Skeleton 

-Forensic Artists & Facial Reconstructions

-and more


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For questions please email us at: DeathScienceClub(at)gmail(dot)com


Pre-Sale eCourse FAQs:

Launch Dates: We anticipate launching "Forensic Anthropology" 1st in late spring, then "Death Investigation" 2nd in Mid Summer, finally "Forensic Pathology" late summer.

eCourse Format: Our "on-demand" format will allow those enrolled to watch the course anywhere at anytime they wish. No strict watch or attendance schedules. 

How long is the course?: We project the full master course to be around 4+hours. Each course will be made up of individual lessons with durations of on average 10 minutes. This style course will offer those enrolled the freedom to watch, leave and come back to where they left off at any time.

Production Style: Our courses are NOT boring powerpoint presentations, hah. If you are familiar with our social media content, you'll know we make hyperrealistic simulations for education. We use special effects props, make up, costumes, actors and real forensic equipment. This will allow us to be safe and respectful while having fun and exploring the scientific field.

How will you know when they Launch?: Once a course launches those enrolled in the pre-sale will recieve an email with an access code to begin learning whenever they are ready.

Pre-Sale Price:  Once a cource launches the pre-sale price will end and the offical price will offered. For the occational sale and special offer join our email list at the bottom of the page :)


For questions please email us at: DeathScienceClub(at)gmail(dot)com

Forensic Anthropology eCourse

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